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21 Jun

Zihuatanejo to El Salvador

Published by Deborah
After the guitar fest in Zihuatanejo, we went south again. Next stop was Acapulco, then Huatulco , then crossing the Tehuantepec to El Salvador. The majority of these trips were motor sailing. Not a lot of wind or coming from the wrong direction. The swells were not bad and really far apart.
16 Jun

Zihuatanejo Guitar fest

Published by Deborah
We rushed South so we could make the Zihuatanejo Guitar fest and it was worth it. Awesome music with good people. Such a great time.
08 Feb

Back in La Cruz. Visit from Donna, Jeff, Grandpa Greg and Grandma Tobi

Published by Deborah
After settling back in to HM, we were honored with a visit from my mom, dad, sister and her boyfriend. We had a week long visit filled with adventures around Bandaras Bay. At the same time, we worked on getting HM ready for our departure South, including a new main sail.
15 Jan

Brazil for the holidays and to get Zyon and Hunter

Published by Deborah

The second weekend in November we closed up the boat, packed up the minvan and headed north back to Arizona so we can sell the minivan and fly to Brazil to see Zyon and Hunter after 10 months without them. The trip north through Mexico went well until Culican, Sinola, about half way. We were entering the city in rush hour with plans to stay the night. Mucho congestion! We were entering the major part of the city where there was lots of construction. Everyone stopped except the car behind us. Luckily Rigo was able to shimmy through some cars to avoid to much damage but we did get hit. Fortunately it was not enough to prevent us from selling the car for more than what we paid for.

After a visit with my mom and packing up, we took a flight to Chicago and then Sao Paulo, Brazil. We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Zyon's birthday in Brazil. Also we were luck enough to be there for Beatrice and Ana Julia's birthday too. We also spent almost a week camping in the mountains near a waterfall.

After the camping trip, we packed up 6 large suitcases and headed back to Heavy Metal.  We went home by way of Houston where our luggage stayed for a few extra days.  Fortunately everything was returned.  Now it's time for some readjusting to living on HM with the kids and getting ready to head South.