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02 Jul

Waking up at Treasure Island

Published by Deborah

We woke up in Treasure Island this morning.  Heavy Metal woke up much earlier than legacy so Rigo took the opportunity to climb the mask.  It always makes me nervous when he goes up that high.  I know he is extra safe but if anything goes wrong it will not be a good thing.  He took some great pictures while he was up there. 

As soon as the tide was high enough to leave, Heavy Metal and Legacy blazed through Treasure Island and back into the bay.  The goal was to make it to the Carquinez Bridge around 1.  The sky was still a bit hazy and SF had fog (surprise!).  As soon as we got under the Richmond bridge things started to improve.  By the time we got under the Carquinez Bridge we had switched into summer clothes and the temperature was up in the 80s. 

The next set of bridges was a little more tricky.  There were 3 bridges for Martinez.  The maps were only indicating heights for 2 and it was 135 feet.  That was plenty high but one of the bridges just didn’t look anywhere near that height.  At first we thought it was just our perspective but as we got close we started to get nervous and scrambled to contact the bridge for an exact height.  We let legacy go first since they didn’t seem to think it would be an issue for them.  They needed 63+ feet but we needed closer to 80.  We followed them cautiously and as soon as they barely cleared it, Rigo flipped the boat around.  Whew!  Thank you Rigo for not taking out our mask and all of that newly installed rigging.  We finally contacted the bridge and were able to open the middle section of the railroad tracks that was getting in our way.  We the bridge is up, it is clearly 135 ft. but only 70 feet when lowered.  That was a potential bummer on our trip to the Delta.  Thankfully all was good. 

We headed down the delta in our swim suits sweating our asses off.  It was great!!! 

The next obstacle was the Coast Guard dinghy’s with machine guns.  Apparently we were going through a secure area and were escorted through.  Not a big deal but got the kids out of the cabin for a few minutes to see the excitement!

We arrived at the anchorage around 7 and had just enough time to set up right near Bella Marina who arrived a few hours earlier.

01 Jul

Day One...

Published by Deborah

This morning we woke up at Westpoint Harbor for the last time. It was a really hard and sad move. The day reminded me of being in Seattle.  The clouds were low and gray.  The temparture was very mild but extremely humid.  Not typical for the marina.

We finished up some last minute stuff: trip to the storage, grocery store and of course, West Marine. Our dock send off was guided by Dale, Wendy, Boris and John.

with Mark and Christine in the dinghy behind us. 

Legacy (Karen and Luis) backed out first and moments later Heavy Metal followed. 

Rigo "cut us from the dock" as we left some line behind. It was a great feeling but I cried like a baby! 

All of the Fuzetto's were on deck.

Hunter helped out at the helm.

After cruising through the harbor honking the horn throughout, we headed down the channel as we did so many time before. I can't believe that we may never go back.

We quickly caught up with Legacy and took some awesome pictures.

On our way Zyon read comic books

while Hunter laid on the couch and complained of a headache.


We stopped in Alameda to have the sail cover measured. John, Rita and Caroline was their from Canvas to greet us. We had to park Heavy Metal with only 40 about feet. We cruised down the Oakland Estuary to Fortman Marina. I always hear from people how scary it can be coming into a new Marina. I was at the helm driving in. Rigo directed me to the yard where the dock was. We had about 15-20 knots of wind that was kind of in our favor. Rigo had been on the dock before so he was familiar what it looked like. After spending more than 3 hours we then headed to Treasure Island where Legacy was there waiting for us. We arrived at TI just before sunset. We went under the new section of the Bay bridge and encountered our first scare with being too tall to go under it. We made it with forty or so feet to spare but from our prospective it looked hella close! The first day came to a close. We all sleep very peacefully! Pretty good for a first day but we did notice that our engine was not charging our main batteries. Luckily we have a generator until we can figure out what is going one.

24 Jun

Chased out of California

Published by Deborah
Living in California has been an awesome experience. We have lived in Byron, Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Foster City and Redwood City. We have lived and played in San Francisco Bay Area for more than 10 years. We have camped, skied, biked, hiked, surfed and had all kinds of different weekend adventures in all regions of the state. But now it is time to move on. It is time to discover a new culture and a new lifestyle. It's hard to anticipate what it is going to be like. No more taking the kids to school. No more driving to work. No more sitting in traffic. Now it's just about being self sufficient and being connected. WiFi and 3G as well as GPS will keep us communicating with the rest of the world. Everything has been moving lightning fast. I feel like we are being chased out of California!
19 Sep

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a huge change?

Published by Deborah

All my life I have gone through changes. It wasn't until a week ago that I actually knew it. Usually it comes after the change has happened. The dust settles and you kick back and "God Damn that was one hell of a change I just went through" . I think things usually happen so fast that I end up settling down before I realize what is happening.
But here we go. The ride of our lives. Making the dream a reality. Rigo had his doubts but I always knew it would happen. However I still can't believe it's happening and I really don't think we are ready financially but we are going to be forced to change.