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09 Jun

So long Baltimore...for now

Published by Deborah

It has been a long time since my last blog entry.  My last entry I announced that we were heading back to the U.S. Well we have been back for about a year and half and a lot has happened.

Two big milestones for Rigo;  he is now officially a U.S. citizen and he also got his captains license.  We are very proud of him and look forward to what he will accomplish next.

Zyon and Hunter are growing up way too fast.  Zyon easily towers over me in height and is quickly catching up with Rigo.  Hunter is still a little shorter than me but it won't be long.  Both kids have been continuing Bridgeway online homeschool.  Zyon will be starting 9th grade next year and Hunter will be in 7th.  Bridgeway is proving to be the right choice for us so far.  We have the dependency of internet access but that will always be the case while I'm working.  Speaking of work, I started a new job almost a year ago.  I was a good move for me as I really needed a change.  I'm still able to work remote 100%!

After we entered back into the U.S. in Key West, FL, we started up the East Coast.  We stopped in Fort Lauderdale with high hopes to do some major work on Heavy Metal.  We were able to put in brand new house batteries which was very much needed but that was about it.  Everything else was a little too above our budget so things like sand-blasting will have to wait.  After leaving Florida, we went to Brunswick, GA.  What a great marina that was.  Free wine happy hour Mon, Wed and Fri and daily beer flow or PBR.  We spend 4th of July in Brunswick before heading more North.  

We spent a lot of time off and on in Tennessee where my sister and dad live.  The kids got to spend lots of time with the cousins.  Thanks so much to my sister, Donna for putting us up for so many months.  We spent some time boating on my dad's boat in a lake up near Smithville, TN.  We also did some hiking and a camping trip on a river where we floated down on a canoe.  I was nice being able to spend a lot of the summer in Tennessee.

When it was time to move the boat up to the Chesapeake Bay, Rigo's friend from Brazil, Lucio (aka Troxa) came for a visit to sail the boat from Brunswick, GA to Norfolk, VA with a short stop in Charleston, SC.  Then they flew back to Tennessee just in time for Hunter's 11th birthday.  After spending a few more weeks in Tennessee, the 4 of us headed back to Norfolk to start the trip up the Chesapeake Bay.  We stopped at Solomon Islands, Deltaville and the South River on our way to Baltimore.  We arrived in Baltimore in the beginning of October just in time for Fleet Week.  Fleet Week consisted of the Blue Angles, the Navy, and other arial planes.  There was also a visit from the Navy destroyer, Zumwalt.  Previous to Fleet Week was the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race so many schooners sailed right by the marina where we were docked.

So the plan for going to Baltimore was to stay the winter so the kids could experience the snow and also plan for a trip to Maine the following summer.  Baltimore had an unseasonably warm winter and there were only 2 snowfalls with accumulation and even those weren't that great but we did get some time to play in the snow and do some sledding.  For Christmas time, my family all came to Baltimore for a visit.  My dad stayed with us on Heavy Metal and my mom, sister and her family stayed in hotels nearby.  We also took a trip to Washington DC and took an all-day tour of all of the monuments and memorial throughout the area.

We met a lot of new friends in Baltimore.  I attended several Drupal User Group meetings and Drupalcon was also in Baltimore this year.  We had lots of fun hanging out with Dan and Liz who run the user group and were the main organizers of Drupalcon.  They also have 2 boys that Zyon and Hunter got to know and really enjoyed hanging out with.  We also made friends with a "kid boat", 3 Pearls:  Daryl, Yulia, Steve and Andrew.  We took turns having dinner on each others boats and attended some local Baltimore events.  They also took the kids to the Baltimore Aquarium a couple of times.  We really enjoyed the time we had with them.   Now another family we met in Baltimore was Mark, Siata and Eli who are a cross between Drupal and sailing.  We originally met them through the Drupal group but it turns out they are sailors as well.  They came sailing with us once and we ran into them many, many times throughout Baltimore.

An establishment we often frequented in Baltimore was Urban Evolution.  This is a parkour, silks and gymnastics gym that we discovered.  Zyon and Hunter took classes almost every day and eventually I even took a few gymnastics and silks classes.  It was really a great place to spend our energy and get off the boat.  We had our car the majority of the time in Baltimore so we were easily able to get to the gym on a regular basis.  My dad came back to Baltimore in May to drive our car back to my sisters so we can make our voyage to Maine.  But not before Doug and Rodney came for a visit for Maryland Deathfest.  They brought Danielle, Tim and Karen who quickly became new friends of ours and spent some time on Heavy Metal before listening to Heavy Metal; seems appropriate.

We were able to take some trips around the Bay to St. Michael’s, Rhode River, Magothy River and back to the South River.  We meet some people along the way and we hope that they find there way to our Facebook group or blog so we can cross paths again.

Now we are on our way to Maine for the summer by way of New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.  Enjoy the photos below of some highlights and follow us at for more frequent updates.

26 Jan

Breaking News!! s/v Heavy Metal is going to Florida

Published by Deborah

Most people in the crusing community know that plan is a 4-letter word.  Plans are written in sand at low tide.  When the tide comes up, everything is up for grabs.  Well the tide came in on our plans and now we are heading to Florida.  The last plan was to go to Rio Dulce, haul out HM and put it in dry storage while the crew heads back to the US.  

There are several reasons why we changed our plans.  First off, Rigo has some business to do at the INS.  After 10 years of being a permanent resident, he has decided to become a US citizen.  This process could take up to 6 months or even more.  If the boat is in Florida, he can still work on the boat without being out of the counrty.  The second reason is we can get everything we need in the US.  We don't have to worry about shipping paint or anything else to another country.  We are looking to replace batteries and the inverter as well as some construction in the kitchen.  Getting materials will not be a problem in Florida, the marine mecca.  Crossing the bar to get to the Rio Dulce was also a factor in this decision.  This can be tricky, even at high tide.  Plus we have already been there by land so there is nothing new to see.  

Who knows what we will do after the yard work we do in Florida. Maybe the East Coast? Maybe back to Bocas del Toro? Only time will tell.


07 Nov

Passage from El Salvador to Costa Rica

Published by Deborah

After more than 6 months in El Salvador, we finally head back across the bar and South to Costa Rica.  The passage was very pleasant although lots of motoring.  We really enjoyed our time in El Salvador but anxious to move on.

24 Oct

El Salvador - July 2015

Published by Deborah

We did a lot of local travel throughout the month of July.  We visited the beach, went ziplining, explored a few waterparks, saw a few ruins and stayed at a hot tub resort.  We also explored around the estuary and had lots of parties with fellow cruiser friends.