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26 Jul

Back to Mexico

Published by Deborah
10 Jul

More Colorado, the land of many rivers

Published by Deborah

After we left Steve and Sheila's house, we headed west. Along the way we picked up some necessities like food and a grill to cook on. Working in the car can be challenging but was doable. I was able to stay connected most of the way to Montrose. We stopped for lunch in Cimarron aside the river.  I continued to work throughout the day either from the car or at places we would stop.    We made it all the way to Ouray KOA campground before dark.  We spent the weekend drive all over the Ridgeway/Ouray area.   Orvis Hot Springs is a natual hot spring facility that offers camping and hotel accommidations.  The weekend was obviously full but we were able to stay one night overnight during the week.  The camping area isn't much but they have showsers, internet access a kitchen and 24 hours to the springs.  I wish I could have taken pictures but since cloting was optional no electronics of any kind were allowed.  That was fine by me. 

After spending 5 days in this area, we decided we better move on if we wanted to see more of Colorado.  We talked about going up to Wyoming but decided there was still much more to see in Colorado.  We head north toward Grand Junction.  Nearby was a town, Fruita where we found a hotel that I was able to get free through the credit card points.  We stayed 2 nights so we could do laundry and I could have a better place to  work for a few days until the weekend.  Colorado National Mounument was very close as well as the Colorado River so there was plenty to do after the work day.  We also took a trip into Grand Junction downtown to have dinner and a few drinks.  Fruita actually proved to be a cute little town as well.  Even though most things closed down by 9 PM, there were a few places you could get a drink a watch a local jam complete with guitars, violins, mandelins and commoradory of people of all types.  Fruta is known for biking too.

27 Jun

Colorado with Steve, Sheila, Gayle and Don

Published by Deborah

After Drupalcon, we flew to Arizona where we bought my mom's car. After a few days of working and preparing, we left for Colorado Springs by way of New Mexico. We spent the first night in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Walmart parking lot. This was the 3rd Walmart we stopped at. As far as I know all Walmarts allow you to sleep in the parking lot. At night you will often see big RVs and several cars. Not all Walmart are good for sleeping though. You want to find the 24 hours Walmarts. The parking lots are always well lit which can be good for security but bad for sleeping. This was the first night sleeping in our new minivan. We put down 2 foam chairs that lay out to a bed. The middle seats fold up and we took the back seats out. It turned out to be quite spacious. It was hard to be back there when we were moving but it proved to be a good place to sleep as well as an office to work in. 

We left Walmart early in the morning as the parking lights are replaced by the blazing hot sun.  Albuquerque, New Mexico wasn't as hot as Phoenix and does not even come close to Mexico but it was still hoy enough to get our of bed.  Then we headed for coffee and up in the mountains to find some hot springs.  The road we took was 2 lanes and went through several little NM towns.  We found the turn off thanks to the iPhone, then hiked the 1/2 mile up to the springs.  I purposedly leave off the "hot" in hot spings because this particur spring was no longer hot.  It was warm and still nice to be in but the locals told us that it use to be much hotter a few years ago.  I'm not sure what made it change.  Reverse Global Warming?  There was a cave you could crawl into that felt a little warmer.

After the soak, we decided to just keep following the road we were on.  The iPhone showed that the road went all tthe way through to another highway that would take us into Colorado.  So off we went in our little minivan.  We were the only ones on the road after a while.  The road was maintained but it was gravel.  Rigo and I had done this kind of traveling many many times over the years, even right in this area.  We had a full tank of gas, water, food, a place to sleep.  What else do you need?  (I would add my kids ;() The road did continue to the other side but not before we ran into the construction crew that were finishing bringing the road together.  When we got to the other side it started raining and we were glad to have a rinse.

After a few rights and lefts, and maybe a u-turn, we finally crossed the border into Colorado.  Having only coffee so far, Rigo and I were both famished at this point.  We had been sort of looking for a place to stop for lunch but is was now late afternoon.  We came to a T-section where we were supposed to go right but left had more life to it so Rigo deviated the course.  We ended up in Paragosa Springs, CO.  We stopped at a quaint little restaurant that had Fat Tire and PBR and good food.  We stopped for a quick bite but had to get going if we were going to make it to Colorado Springs before dark.

When we arrived at Steve and Sheila's, Gayle and Don were already there.  Gayle made her awesome chinese chicken salad. When the 6 of these personalities go together, it's always a good time.

27 Jun

A Trip to Austin for Drupalcon

Published by Deborah

Summer in Mexico can be quite miserable so this year we decided to extend our annual trip to Drupalcon. Every year the Drupal community has a conference to learn new things going on with Drupal. Drupal is the development platform that I use to build websites. It is also one of my biggest passion. It is in a different place each year and this year it was in Austin, Texas. We’ve been to Chicago, Denver, Portland, San Francisco and now Austin. So shortly after Memorial Day weekend, we fly from Puerto Vallarta (PV), Mexico to Dallas, Texas then rented a car to drive to Austin. The X-Games were also going on in Austin while we were there so the town was full of people and entertainment. We flew to Dallas because the flight was more than $200 cheaper than flying all the way to Dallas. We thought we would save money but renting a car in Dallas and drive to Austin. Come to find out later that we ended up spending more in the car rental than it would have cost to fly. It was, however, nice to have a car in Texas so we could explore.

Once we arrived in Dallas, we got the rental car and headed south to a suburban town, INSERT CITY NAME. We had a free hotel through our credit card. Being in Texas, we thought it would be appropriate to have BBQ for dinner. Rigo had heard about the reputation Texas has for their BBQ so he was really anxious to see what it what like. Thanks to the iphone and Yelp, we found a place nearby.  The first thing the lady said when we walked in the door was, "Wow, you guys are tan!"  I didn't feel tan but I guess compared to the white people in Texas we definately had more color.  The plate was a combo with brisket, pulled pork and chicken and of course a nice big Texas size beer to wash it down.

The drive to Austin was uneventful, except the construction and traffic.  Not really anything exciting to see.  Once we arrived in Austin, we checked into a hotel north of the convention center closer to the university.  We spent the next couple of days wondering around all of Austin.  Sixth Street was a total trip.  I was not expecting what we saw.  I heard 6th St. was a party street but this was a serious party.  Thursday through Saturday the city closes the street for about 10 blocks.  People are everywhere!