Santa Rosalía and Isla San Marcos

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04 Aug
Published by Deborah

Santa Rosalía has become our new home at least for the next few weeks. There is good internet and cell phone access and we are enjoying the shore power from the marina. The town of Santa Rosalía is about 10,000 people with about 75% men (or at least that is what it seems as we walk the streets). There is just a few streets in town but you can pretty much find everything you need. Some things are way too expensive but most stuff is very reasonable. There are a lot of great ice cream stores, taco stands and grocery stores. On Sunday there is a flea market up the hill that has all of the basic stuff you see at every flea market, We picked up some fins and a fishing device that mounts to the rail. There is also the great little Carnicería. We bought a kilo of pork rib meat. It is delicious!!

On weekends we try to get out of the marina and head over the Isla San Marco just 11 NM southeast. I can still pick up Internet access in Sweet Pea Cove but it sometimes switches to 2G which is almost unusable so we don't rely on it for the bulk of the week. It is nice to anchor over there to make water and jump in the water. The area is also very rich with under water wild life. At night there are so many fish and these little snake-like things. The water is so thick with life that you can reach down with a bucket and scoop up 100s of different little sea creatures. During the day, as Dawn and I paddled, the rays and all kinds of other fish swim directly beneath us. It is a little freaky as a lot of these things jump out of the water. One school of jumping fish jumped right over my board and hit my ankle. I screamed like a little girl!

Being on the dock has allowed Rigo to work on several boat projects like installiing a fan with are frig compressors so they don't over heat; sewing more boat covers, dinghy covers and Hunter helped make a new cover for a pillow; fixing the ice machine as well as other cleaning projects.

All in all this is a pretty cool (not temperature cool) place to hang out. The kids spend a few hours a day on Destiny with teacher Dawn, then have the rest of the afternoon to go to the pool or sit in the A/C office with Internet access. Santa Rosalía is the last stop before you head up the Sea so we see a lot of boats come and go in addition to the Ferry to Guaymas and the Mexican Navy, not to mention the pangas that go out every evening to fish for Humboldt Squid. Speaking of squid, Mike from Destiny has made friends with some of the fisherman and they bring by squid for practically free (70 pesos per kilo).