Mooring at Capitola Wharf

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04 Aug
Published by The Boss

After a brief stop at Santa Cruz Harbor to load our repaired main and fill up the water, we headed over to Capitola Wharf to pick up a mooring ball. It feels like we are very close to the boats around us. I hope for their sake we don't swing into them.

In the background we can hear the live music from the Wharf Restaurant.

I doesn't seem as rolly over here as it did in front of the Boardwalk but we'll have to see how the night goes. The sky opened up a bit and the week looks like it is going to improve.  Our immediate goal is to get rid of the cars. They are really starting to get in the way. 

The next plan is to head to Morro Bay after a quick stop in San Simone to see the Hearst Castle then quickly move on to Southern California.  We need to stat looking to replace the main before it starts to give us more trouble. Minnie's has lots of used sails but we want to find a good sail loft first.