Main Sail gets fixed in La Paz

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21 Nov
Published by Deborah

The trip to La Paz ia a very short one but we have a lot of items on our to-do list. The first and foremost is to get our main sail repaired from the rip that occurred in the first leg of the Baja Ha-Ha just outside Turtle Bay. You remember...when our sailing trip turned into a fishing trip. We found a great little sail loft in La Paz called Snug Harbor sails. Doug and Meri offered great services and were able to fix our sail is less than a day.  I think it took less time to fix the sail than it did for Rigo and Mike to get it back up the mask.  Pesky sails.  They never so what you want them to. 

We also went to the last Baja Ha-Ha beach party while in La Paz.  It was at La Costa restaurant just walking distance from the marnina and had Mexican dancers, an awesome Mariachi band and a rock band.  Fun was had by all and it was good to hang out with the Baja fleet to find out everyone's next plans.  We ran into Solice, Jasmine and Shannon from Ultrea in Los Muertos and they came to La Paz as well.  Not even half of the fleet was in La Paz but there were still a good number of people there including Destiny, Insparire, Star Passage and so many others. 

Another item on our list was to get our Temporary Import Permit (TIP) for our boat.  After 2 tries, Rigo was able to accomplish that.  Jasmine and I took a walk to a Walmart-like store to do some provisioning as well as change in the last of our dollars into Pesos.  Tomorrow morning we fill up the tank with some fuel and then we are on our way back down the Sea enroute to Barra de Navida to meet up with Kristi and Sat Atma.

Although the trip to La Paz was short, it was good to become familar with the area as we hope to come back up here in the hurricane months.