Catalina Island - Cat Harbor

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10 Sep
Published by Deborah

We've been anchored in Catalina Harbor (aka Cat Harbor) since Thursday. The anchorage is a little deeper than we are used to but Heavy Metal seems to be stable even with a 5:1 scope which is better than Destiny's 2:1 scope. Our navigation computer is having some troubles right now so we haven't  had our anchorage monitored the whole time.

Cat Harbor is on the opposite side of Twin Harbors but it is a short walk to the other side. This side seems to have more of an afternoon breeze which is pleasant. The water is getting warmer and the water is clearer and more blue. I've tried a couple of times to fish but haven't caught anything yet. There are Mackerel and rock fish in the area but they haven't come to my hook yet. We may take a dinghy ride a little more out to the ocean later this week to see if we have better luck.

We have met a few more couples that we have been hanging out with - Gayle and Don, Ann and Tim, Mary and Jack, and of course Dawn and Mike.