Anchor at Half Moon Bay

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14 Jul
Published by Deborah

We arrived last Sunday. It has definately been a busy week! A few hours after we arrived Karen, Luis, Petter and Octavia brought over our car. Rigo dinghyed all them over to the boat for some snacks and wine. Soon after Kathleen and her friend and son called saying they were on their way over. Rigo picked them up at the dock as well and brought them over. It was a quaint little cocktail party

Monday was surgery day for Zyon.  Zyon has had this little wart-like growth inside his nose for the past couple of years.  It is completely harmless but sometimes bothers him. We wanted to take care of this before we headed out of the area.  I had a dream the night before that we had to wait 15 hours before he could have the surgery. In reality the wait didn't end up being that long but the suregery was only 10 minutes and Rigo waited with zyon preparing him.  All is good now and that is now over.

Tuesday and Wednesday we spent time on the boat cleaning stuff up and working as much as possible.  Bandwith is becoming preciouis and so is power and water.  We are working on assignments for everyone to make sure the boat stays in tact.

Thursday the rigger came by for the final tuning.  We pulled up the anchor and headed for the sea.  Zyon and Hunter locked themselves up in the v-berth.  I kept trying to tell them to come out as that area of the boat made me sea sick before.  They wouldn't listen and I was too anxious to stay below.  Lo and behold, a little while later, Zyon is in the cockpit throwing up his lunch and Hunter is on the couch complaining of a headache.  Ugh!  Luckily the sail was short and we headed back to the dock to pump out and fill up on water. 

After setting back to our anchoage, we headed back to the marina to buy a salmon from one of the local fisherman and headed back to Westpoint Harbor to share it with our friends.  It was weird to be visiting Westpoint like that.  No boat to stumble home to :(.  I missed being there already.

Friday I decided to take my work to the coffee shop.  I spent the morning at Le Boulanger then headed to Foster City Library.  The library had terrible bandwidth.  I didn't spend too much time there.  I headed back to Le Boulander.  I like that place to go and work.  It is comfortable and not too crowded and the Intenet works great!

This weekend was more just putting away storage cleaning the boat and  getting ready for next passage.  The plan so far is to stay in half Moon Bay until we have the storage empty then we will head down to Santa Cruz Marina we hope to anchor out at Capitola wharf and see some live music from our boat. after That we will head for a night in Monterey. The next stop will be in San Simone where we will anchor and go up to the Hearst mansion. After Sam Simone we will head to moral Bay for at least a week or two we have a friend down there that were hoping to meet in them in the Marina. The next stop will be going past point Concepción we have to find the right weather window to make this trip so Morrow Bay longer than we planned.