Boats we've met along the way

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We are always working on this list since we are always meeting new people.  Please email your information to to be added to our list.

Destiny - Dawn and Mike Hilliard

Permanently Temporary - Gayle and Don Fox

Oriana - Jack and Mary

Lolo - Petter, Rosanna, Teddy and Poppy

Wooshee - Matt, Gill and Jess

Fluenta - Max, Liz, Jonathon and Victoria Shaw

Northern Passage - Jen, Bruce, Carmen and Richard Gordan

Daybreak - Caroline, Frank, and Léa

Flying Dragon - Sibyl, Emi and Regis

Shindig - Robert & Nancy Novak

Wanuskewin - Michael & Holly Sanderson

Letitgo- Laurent, Valerie, Benjamin, Emma

Kenta Anae - Merle, Allison, Shandro and Matero McAssey

Rubber Duckies - Darrell, Nicki, Curtis, Marcus

Inspirare - Pluto, Arvid and Annika Elias

Cat2Fold - Brian Charette

Wizard - John and Sue Cambell

Exodus - Tim, Deanne, Alex and Brenden

Sun Baby - Beth, Larry and Rocky Adams

Liebling - Jim and Linda DeSalvo

Sunnyside - Terry Sparks

Ubatuba - Alexandre and Iris Di Monaco

Sea Note - Ray and Chicgaila Wood

Sweet Dreams - Jim, Gina, Colton, Niki

Resilience - Beth, Jim and Glen

Tink - Jasmine, Shannon and Solice

Lady Carolina - Carolina, Steve, Joel and Kyle

Breeze - Per, Sabine and Ella

Star Passage - Kim, Peter, Harlan and Sophia

Elegant'sea - Chip and Debbie Willis

Autumn Wind - Brian Plautz & Elizabeth Kline

Pied-a-Mer III - Eric & Pam Sellix

Alcyone - John & Cynthia McDaniel

Flying Carpet - Richard Pomeroy

Aphrodite - Peggy, Barry and Genna Corlett

Emerald Lady - John & Kelly Wanamaker

Ayla May - Brian and Dawn

Ariel IV - Eric and Birgitta

Apsaras - David and Melissa

Sand Dollar - JC, Shauna, Nate, Kaley and Easton

Kamala - Kirk and Mary

Moments - Adam and Rachel

Cyclades - Danny and Deborah Jackson

Penn Station - Wiki Steve and Nikki

Sababa - Tim and Lindsey

Tigress - David and Elena Esser

Moontide - Bill Lilly and Judy Lang

Nirvana - Bob and Sherry Davis

Moontide - Kenny and Betsy Linn

One World - Charlie, Yuliya, and Anya Phillips