January 2016

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26 Jan

Breaking News!! s/v Heavy Metal is going to Florida

Published by Deborah

Most people in the crusing community know that plan is a 4-letter word.  Plans are written in sand at low tide.  When the tide comes up, everything is up for grabs.  Well the tide came in on our plans and now we are heading to Florida.  The last plan was to go to Rio Dulce, haul out HM and put it in dry storage while the crew heads back to the US.  

There are several reasons why we changed our plans.  First off, Rigo has some business to do at the INS.  After 10 years of being a permanent resident, he has decided to become a US citizen.  This process could take up to 6 months or even more.  If the boat is in Florida, he can still work on the boat without being out of the counrty.  The second reason is we can get everything we need in the US.  We don't have to worry about shipping paint or anything else to another country.  We are looking to replace batteries and the inverter as well as some construction in the kitchen.  Getting materials will not be a problem in Florida, the marine mecca.  Crossing the bar to get to the Rio Dulce was also a factor in this decision.  This can be tricky, even at high tide.  Plus we have already been there by land so there is nothing new to see.  

Who knows what we will do after the yard work we do in Florida. Maybe the East Coast? Maybe back to Bocas del Toro? Only time will tell.