July 2014

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26 Jul

Back to Mexico

Published by Deborah
10 Jul

More Colorado, the land of many rivers

Published by Deborah

After we left Steve and Sheila's house, we headed west. Along the way we picked up some necessities like food and a grill to cook on. Working in the car can be challenging but was doable. I was able to stay connected most of the way to Montrose. We stopped for lunch in Cimarron aside the river.  I continued to work throughout the day either from the car or at places we would stop.    We made it all the way to Ouray KOA campground before dark.  We spent the weekend drive all over the Ridgeway/Ouray area.   Orvis Hot Springs is a natual hot spring facility that offers camping and hotel accommidations.  The weekend was obviously full but we were able to stay one night overnight during the week.  The camping area isn't much but they have showsers, internet access a kitchen and 24 hours to the springs.  I wish I could have taken pictures but since cloting was optional no electronics of any kind were allowed.  That was fine by me. 

After spending 5 days in this area, we decided we better move on if we wanted to see more of Colorado.  We talked about going up to Wyoming but decided there was still much more to see in Colorado.  We head north toward Grand Junction.  Nearby was a town, Fruita where we found a hotel that I was able to get free through the credit card points.  We stayed 2 nights so we could do laundry and I could have a better place to  work for a few days until the weekend.  Colorado National Mounument was very close as well as the Colorado River so there was plenty to do after the work day.  We also took a trip into Grand Junction downtown to have dinner and a few drinks.  Fruita actually proved to be a cute little town as well.  Even though most things closed down by 9 PM, there were a few places you could get a drink a watch a local jam complete with guitars, violins, mandelins and commoradory of people of all types.  Fruta is known for biking too.