April 2014

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23 Apr

Tenacatita and self-guided jungle tour

Published by Deborah
While we were in Tenacatita, we took the dinghy into the estuary for a self guided jungle tour.
15 Apr

A Lunar Adventure back to Punta de Mita

Published by Deborah

We are back in Bandaras Bay a little bit earlier than we planned but then again we did we ever stick to a plan.  We left Chamela yesterday afternoon because apparrently the Internet is also celebrating Semana Santa (Holy Week in Mexico).  Telcel in Chamela provide 2G service which isn't very usuble except for emailing.  There is a hotel on the beach that provides internet for cruisers for a small fee but right not the service is having some issue.  You can sometimes connect and when you can connect, the service is good but unfortunately it does not last very long.  We went into town to have breakfast at the Scuba Jazz Cafe since we heard they had good internet.  Maybe it was because it was Monday or maybe Semana Santa, but it was closed.  We stopped at the hotel to see if the access was better if physically there.  It wasn't really but I was able to get online and do a few things and get some stuff that I can work on offline. So after trying to work online for a few hours I went back to working the old fashion way, pen and paper.  OMG, I got so much accomplished!  No email or facebook distractions.  Total concentration.  
We decided to head north later that afternoon for an overnight passage so I can have better internet for the rest of the week.  Boy did we pick an awesome night to leave.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.  That is what happened last night.  We new that the moon was close to full and I read something online that April was full of celetial events but I forgot about the lunar eclipse.  When we first left Chemela, the wind and waves were not really in our favor.  We sailed off the hook and headed South.  Wait, didn't I just say we went North?  Well, yes but we had to tack south to get far enough out so we could have a nice tack to Cabo Corrientes.  Once we taked, the waves sucked. Three to five foot wave and probably even as high at 7-feet at times.  They came in many directions.  The forecasts said mostly SW or SSW.  To me it felt right on the nose (which was NW).  After the sun went down, it was nice to have the big bright full moon to guide our way.  Then, under my watch, I noticed some kind of flash from behind me.  The moon was behind us mostly so it acted like a spotlight for Heavy Metal so when something as big as earth gets in the way of your spotlight, you notice it.  Rigo was sleeping below but I had to wak him.  I was totally bizarre watching the moon get shaded by the earth.  It took about an hour to cover completely (to be exact). It stayed covered longer than I could stay awake.