March 2014

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26 Mar

Barra de Navidad, Santiago, Manzinillo

Published by Deborah

After spending about a week in Barra de Navidad, we headed south. Every mile now was further south than we had ever been cruising. The coast line is beautiful but the red tide followed us from Banderas Bay so the water was not looking so good. However, we did see many turtles! Some of their shell were covered in bird poop and some of the turtles barely looked alive. They just sort of floated with whatever current they ran into. Cute little buggers. The jelly fish have been everywhere lately too. All different kinds of jellies. Big, little, red, blue, clear, some with long tentacles and others with none. I've paddled around with the jellies which seems to be pretty safe but when I saw them while I was cleaning the hull I immediately jumped out of the water. The hull was not that bad anyway.

In Santiago Bay, we were join with Perm Temp, Trinity Rose, Emerald Lady, Caribbean Soul and even Destiny caught up to us.  Santiago Bay has a lagoon behind the beach that we spent an afternoon exploring.  Trinity Rose and Destiny brought the dogs so it was fun watching them run up and down the beach chasing each other.  Another day Trinity Rose joined us for a bus trip to Manzinillo to explore the old down town. 

After a few days in Santiago we made the short trip around the corner to Las Hadas.  What a gorgeous area that is and fast internet too!  There is a small marina in Las Hadas that charges a rediculous 200 pesos to use the dinghy dock.  Fortunately they are not always there to collect.  The whole area is a hotel meca but different than what we usually see.  These hotels were built into the hills.  the Las Hadas Hotel is apparently where the move "10" (w/Bo Derek) was filmed.   Las Hadas is close to all of the shopping in Manzinillo, like Walmart, Home Depot, etc...  There was even a Dairy Queen.  Rigo and I spent a day walking, busing, and hitchhiking all over town.  The weather is starting to get really hot again so it was nice to stop at the DQ for a Blizzard.

The initail plan was to keep going south after Las Hadas but we decided to spend more time in this area since there were still a handful of cruisers left in this area and there were still many places we hadn't explored.

19 Mar

Leaving Banderas Bay to Costalegre

Published by Deborah

Even though there was some good surf at Punta de Mita, we wanted to head south for a while before settling in for the summer. We had a great sail from Punta de Mita to Chemela. The wind was perfect for most of the way and we didn't get caught up in any fishing lines. Toward the end of the trip near Chemela the wind died down but we continued to sail since we weren't in any hurry. We fished a little but nothing was biting. The water was beautiful after we left Banderas Bay, escaping the red tide. TONS of turtles! I can't believe how many we saw. They just kind of drift around and seem oblivious to anything around them. We had to adjust our course to miss them a couple of times.

A few miles from the entrance of Chemela, Rigo spotted the 2-mast cat, Cat2Fold. He was heading back to Banderas Bay. We hadn't seen Brian for over a month but knew he was somewhere around here. After Brian and Rigo fished between boats, we convinced Brian to turn around and spend the weekend with us. The next few days we surfed, paddled, took a day sail on Cat2Fold, played guitar for hours, ate delicious food and of course many libations.

After a few days of this, it was time to keep moving and catch up with Perm Temp and the rest of the gang in Barra de Navidad.