February 2014

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19 Feb

A Visit from the Arnells

Published by Deborah

My long time friends, Kristi and Sat Atma (Gregg) and 2 year old daughter, Amelia make their annual visit to Mexico.  This year they spent the first part of their vacation with Kristi's familiy at the Westin in PV right near the PV marina.  So HM spent a few days in the marina to hangout. 

After Kristi's family headed back to the cold, the Arnells headed over to Yelapa.  HM went back to Punta de Mita for a few days then Time Out and HM spent the following weekend in Yelapa in the moorning.

07 Feb

Life Without Kids

Published by Deborah

The kids have been gone for almost a month now.  We are still adjusting to not having them around.  Zyon and Hunter is attending a school in Brazil for at least one semester.  They will also be in Brazil for the World Cup.  We missed them so much but also excited about the opportunity they are experiencing.  Mamae and Papai loves you so much, Zyon and Hunter