November 2013

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30 Nov

Back to the US for some work and Thanksgiving

Published by Deborah

Heavy Metal is scheduled to come out of the water for a bottom paint so the kids and I left Mexico to spend some time with my Mom, my sister and the cousins.  Rigo stayed behind to keep things moving with the building of the arch and hauling out of the boat.  We rented a car to drive from La Paz to Cabo to the airport.  Rigo dropped us off and drove back.  The kids and I flew to Phoenix by way of Denver.  The kids went home with my mom while I continued on to San Francisco.  I spent 3 days back in the office at Blue Coat to meet our new hire and to touch base with the rest of the team.  The last day I met Jacob and Mario (old Blue Coat employees) with my manager Josh and our new web developer, Anthony.  After a nice lunch and finishing up a few things in the office, it was back on the airplane to Phoenix.  Donna and her kids were supposed to arrive at the airport around the same time but the rain in the area delayed and cancelled flights so she didn't arrive until the  next day.

With the 4 kids, we had to plan some activities to keep them busy.  We went to an Ostrich farm, a musical museum, a boat ride, bowling, trampoline jumping and a little shopping.  Then on Thanksgiving we had a huge, fabulous meal with a little help from all.  It was even warm enough for us to eat outside.