October 2013

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30 Oct

Back to the Baja

Published by Deborah

After crossing the Sea from San Carlos, our first stop was at Isla Coronodos. Our fleet was just HM and Perm Temp with Steve and Sheila aboard PT while they visited for a few weeks.  (Destiny was unable to join us due to some boat issues.) This anchorage was so beautiful.  The water was clear, the Internet was great.  We had fun snorkeling, swimming and exploring around.  We celebrated Rigo's birthday on the beach.  After a few days we took the short trip over to Loreto for the day.  We did a little shopping and ate at the <NAME HERE> which was recommended by Jack and Mary from Oriana.  At the end of the day we moved over to Los Candeleros where there is a resort.  The anchorage is nice and great for snorkling and paddling but the resort was a bit pretentious.  I'm not sure why the hotel thinks it is so great but we paid the all inclusive fee so the kids could play in the pools.  We tried to eat and drink our money's worth.