September 2013

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21 Sep

Living Life in San Carlos

Published by Deborah

Getting ready to swim across Martini CoveThe America's Cup is responsible for most of the socializing we have been doing lately. It is a never-ending race. I'm not really sure how they determine who wins. Anyway, it is fun to hang out at El Mar Restaurant to watch the races. It is air conditioned and it has a swimming pool that you can use as long as you spend a hundred pesos per person, which really isn't that hard to do. We go there so often now that they don't even care. After the races, a party usually starts to form just as a tropical storm would. There is a little build up then grows as it moves. Well maybe not exactly like a tropical storm.

I have managed to get out paddling on a regular basis. I have been trying to go as early as possible (6 or 7 am) so it is not as hot and not as wavy. The other day I got out around 7:30 and the wind was already 15-20 knots. I paddled straight into the wind. I didn't get very far even though I was out there a while. After I got almost to the south buoy I duck off under the rock for a drink and some pictures. I wasn't really able to do any yoga or exercise that morning since the conditions were not so calm. The way back to the boat was really fast. I had the wind at my back and the waves behind me. Occasionally I was able to surf a wave for a few seconds. It really made me want to get to Punta de Mita or somewhere where there are waves. This morning when I went out, it was absolutely beautiful. There was enough wind to keep it cooler but it didn't really make it hard to paddle. I paddled around to the right this time instead of Martini Cove where I had been going. Martini Cove is nice because there is a place to put the board on the beach and go swimming. I like to swim across the cove but I get kind of freaked out. I wear my snorkel and mask so I can swim across without having to take a breathe. But it is weird to be swimming with all of the other wildlife in the sea. Today I didn't want to go swimming because I wanted to paddle to the South. It is a big open bay. There are houses on the hills and small caves all around. I went to a cave that had an opening through the rocks. I hung out in the shade of the rock. I was able to do some yoga and some other exercises. Listening to the sounds of the water howling and splashing on the rocks was serenity.

09 Sep

Parties, parties and more parties!

Published by Deborah

One thing about being in San Carlos is all of the things going on. Dock parties, football parties, America's Cup parties. I just cannot keep up. And Hunter says, "All you guys do is talk, talk talk!" I guess it is hard to understand as a kid what you could possibly talk about all of the time. I think most of the talk is with all of the new people we have met. Mostly we are talking about getting to know someone. It is amazing to me how I can talk with some people for just a few times and I feel like I have known this person forever. Everyone has their own unique story. I really wish there were more kids around so Zyon and Hunter can hear some unique stories.

04 Sep

Back in San Carlos again - Non-stop fun

Published by Deborah

We have only been back to San Carlos for a week yet we have already attended a pool party, a dock party, a football party and a brunch party. We have also been snorkeling, swimming and paddling. And of course ate at JJ's. The Internet access has been decent here, although I had to switch networks on occasion. The A/C runs full time and some days can't keep up. By late afternoon, the inside can get up to 90F/33C. I can't wait for summer to be over. We are counting down the days!