June 2013

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20 Jun

Bahia San Pedros and Bahia Algodones

Published by Deborah

It is almost time to move to the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez but before we leave we make sure we do as much as we can in San Carlos. After settling in from getting back from the states, we decided to go out for a weekend just to get out of the Bahia San Carlos. So within a week of being back in San Carlos, we detached from our mooring and headed to Bahia San Pedro. It was a nice sail and a beautiful day. Perm Temp and Destiny joined us. We arrived Saturday evening just in time for a nice sunset and an awesome dinner on Destiny. The following day after a delicious breakfast on Perm Temp we spent the day paddling, spear fishing, snorkeling and swimming. What a great weekend! Bahia San Pedro is totally remote so unfortunately we had to head out early Monday to get back into internet range. It only took about 30 minutes to get access again. We headed to Algodones to anchor in front of the Soggy Pesos which had a full moon party every month.

This morning I drank my coffee in solitude in the cockpit as I watched the waves and winds play with Heavy Metal. Sometimes the Southerly winds would align us smack dab in the middle of a wave. HM is rolling back and forth testing how well I stored things. Another anchorage gone bad. Time to move. We relocated to the south end of the bay.  The swells are not that bad but the jet skies can be a bit annoying as they seem to be drawn to our boats and circle us at high speeds causing lots of mixed waves.

Bahia Algodones is a beautiful bay with lots of snorkeling, spear fishing, paddling and swimming. We have been seeing Portuguese Man-a-wars. They are like jellyfish but they are not, and their sting can cause severe pain.  Having these around kind of makes you want to stay out of the water. 

17 Jun

Crossing the Border

Published by Deborah

At 4:45am we departed Sun City, Arizona with a destination to San Carlos Mexico. Interstate 10 was closed through Phoenix but that didn't set us back as I-17 is about the same distance. Our first stop was exit 4 to fill up with gas and a quick snack before making our way to the border. We crossed the border just before 8am. We took the truck crossing because we heard there was less traffic. We basically saw almost no one. The crossing seemed to be under construction with very narrow lanes. I'm not sure if this was one of the green lights but we had no trouble getting through. A few miles down the road was km 21/ immigration for tourist visas. Rigo went in by himself to get visas for all of us. The parking lot is full of Mexicans wanting to wash our windows. They are very persistent. We were able to push away the first few but one finally got their way. I paid the guy 10 pesos which Rigo thought as too much. After we got the visas it was on to the next "nothing to declare" line where it was green go with absolutely no wait. By around 8:30 am we were on our way. So down the road we go, getting closer and closer to Heavy Metal. Fortunately heading south we did not have to go through the security check point as the northbound traffic. The drive from the border to Hermisillo is quite boring and not very scenic. Lots of construction as they build a better highway but still able to average 90-100kph. Hermosillo was a typical Mexican city and navigating through it was not as difficult as some people make you believe. The rest of the way to San Carlos was uneventful. We arrived at the marina around 12:30 pm. After a night with Destiny and Perm Temp, it was time to put Heavy Metal back together.

01 Jun

A Visit to the US

Published by Deborah

On May 12th we got on the Tufusa bus to Arizona. We came to the US to visit my mom, attend a memorial for my cousin, attend Drupalcon, visit Kristi and Sat Atma, and load up on all of the things you can't get in Mexico. The first thing I noticed when we got back to the states is all of the propaganda. I hate commercials and the news. Top headlines in the news are wrongfully accused Mexican American at the border, the Jodi Arias trial and tornadoes in Oklahoma. Nothing in the news is ever good. Aside from the day to day influences of the US culture the visit to the US was a lot of fun. Shortly after arriving to my mom's we celebrated my annual 29th birthday! I spent most of my birthday traveling to Colorado. It was refreshing to be in some cooler weather. Even though it was a little cooler, Colorado was still blue skies and the Estes Park area were we stayed was really beautiful. By Friday in Colorado, all of my cousins (Lance, Jake, Terri) and some of their kids, my aunt Sue and Gary, my sister and her kids were all there. It was a really nice reunion. We were all gathered together to celebrate the life of my cousin Heather who's ashes are at a nearby hiking area. We were joined by her husband, father, friends and other members of her family. It was a really nice memorial and I'm really glad we were able to make it.

The following day, Rigo and I went to Portland and my mom took the kids back to Arizona. We arrived in Portland to some really beautiful Northwest weather. It lasted for a few days then rained pretty much the rest of the time we were there. We didn't really mind as it gave us a chance to moisten up. Drupalcon was inspiring as usual but flew by really fast. After the conference, we moved out of the hotel to Kristi and Sat Atma's house to spend more time with them and their 16 month old daughter, Amelia. Another surprise was a visit from my friend Anita and her son Sam from Seattle. I was so happy that she was able to make the trip down to see us. Kristi, Sat Atma, Rigo and I met Anita and Sam at the Puffin' Cafe just across the Gorge in Washington. The Puffin' Cafe is owned by Rob and Jen who are friends with Dawn and Mike from Destiny and Mike helped built this river side floating cafe. Rob was very excited to see us. We had some delicious food and got to drink Mike's brother's beer - Hillard's. Rob graciously picked up the tab and sent us off with a bunch of goodies!! Thank you so much Rob!!! After dinner at the Puffin' Cafe, Sat Atma took us on a tour of the 2 liquid soap warehouses. Oregon Soap Company has really expanded over that past 20 years.

The following day the weather cleared up long enough for us to take a hike up in the Gorge. Kristi, Sat Atma, Amelia, Rigo and I joined a friend of Sat Atma's with his son and friend on a day hike up to some amazing but cold waterfalls. It was great to be in the NW outdoors. So green! We took turns carrying Amelia up the trail so we all got a great workout.

While we were visiting Kristi and Sat Atma, we took advantage of our time together by doing some work on the Oregon Soap Company website.  They have been selling bars, liquid soap and restroom soap wholesale and decided to take it online.  We turned the kitchen into a computer lab as we worked on marketing, design and development of the wholesale product line. 

After Oregon, it was back to Phoenix to stock up on last minute stuff to bring back to the boat.  The weather in Phoenix got as hot at 108 degrees so we are adjusting our body temperature to get used to for when we return to Mexico.