December 2012

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23 Dec

Barra de Navidad - A visit with Kristi, Sat Atma and Amelia

Published by Deborah

We started off in Bahia de Navidad anchored in front of Malaque. The anchorage was nice and it was an easy dinghy to shore that are lined with palapas. The main town of Malaque is a short walk where there is a bank, a bunch of shops and this awesome Hawaiian grocery store that has some items that you can normally find in the typical tiendas. Northern Passage is at the marina and the other end of the bay but they made the 2km walk down the beach to visit us. Carmen and I got our hair braided on the beach while Richard, Zyon and Hunter played in the water. We all enjoyed the local palapas while we watch the sardine fishing with all of the pangas. Since we wanted to see more of Northern Passage, we decided to move over to the lagoon after a few days. The lagoon is nice except for you can't really swim in the water and the area is shallow so there is not a lot of room but there is a French Baker that comes to your boat 6 days a week with fresh baked goodies and the pangas run 2 hours a day to take you to shore.

Kristi, Sat Atma and their new baby girl, Amelia came to Malaque for a vacation.  We had the pleasure of spending several days with them and even took them to he anchorage around the corner from Malaque, Custecumonte.  We also spent some time at the beach and the swimming pools with them. 

We have done so many things so far since we have been in this area.  Enjoy the pictures!!

11 Dec


Published by Deborah

After leaving Mazatlan we headed down the coast with intentions to fo to La Cruz.  But as every cruiser knows plans can change as much as the wind.  At first we considered going to Isle Isabela but had a pretty good feeling there would ne no Internet access.  We got a late start and we knew we would not make La Cruz before sunset so we checked out our options.  San Blas and Matanchen were both considered but the area is known for Jejenes (tiny no-see-um bugs that itch and leave red bumps) and we really didn't want to deal with that.  So the next choice was Chacala which had an awesome desription in our guide book and semmed like it might be a great place for a day or two layover before making the rest of the trip to La Cruz.

As we pulled into the anchorage we a a handful of boats and all of then except one had a Baja Ha-Ha flag.  Fluenta, Wizard, Pied de Mar, Elegant Sea, Autumn Wind, Victoria, Gitane and Shindig.  What a welcome to a new place with familiar faces.  This stop turned out to be one of the best ones yet.  Free Internet access at most of the Palapa, great food and great company.  The beach was awesome for swimming, boarding or whatever.  We even did yoga on the beach with a new boat that we met Cat 4 Fold.  Liz, Pam and I even adventured to the nearby town of Las Varas to go to the bank and do some provisioning.

My Office with a viewWe ended up staying in Chacala until Thursday then headed 8 miles south with Wizard, Autumn Wind and Flueneta to Jaltemba.  Jaltemba looked better in the guide book than in person.  The water was full of jellyfish and stingrays although you could see our anchor from the top of the water. The Banda Ancha access was weak and all of the wifi was protected.  The anchorage was nice and the town had some interesting elements. We only stayed for the night then headed right past La Cruz and Bandaras Bay straight for Bahia de Navidad.