September 2012

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30 Sep

Sunday in San Diego

Published by Deborah

I'm not sure if this is going to be a typical Sunday but we sure did pack in a lot of fun things in one day. When we woke up in the morning we thought we were going to have a "Stuffed Peppers BBQ" but plans changed quickly when an opportunity came to go for a ride in a Catamaran and then go see Crosby, Stills and Nash (no Young :(), A friend of Destiny is watching this Catamran and need to move to a new marina. So Destiny and Heavy Metal rode our dinghys up the channel and hopped on board. Shirley and Pauly were awesome hosts. Along with 2 other friends we sailed up the channel and headed for the open ocean. Tons of sailboats everywhere!!! Also, powerboat, kayakers, SUP...the works. I can't believe we didn't see anyone collide. Towards the end of the channel we dropped anchor about 50 feet from shore where there were some really nice surf breaks. Pauly and friend jumped out immediately after anchor to catch some waves. The rest of us stayed behind and enjoyed! We weren't too shallow but it was nice to be in a boat where you don't have to worry about depth. Zyon and Hunter mostly spent there time on the huge trampoline but when we stopped, Zyon jumped in for just a moment while Hunter egged him on. We all had a really awesome time and the weather could not have been more perfect.

After the guys cam back from surfing, we pulled up the anchor and headed back to the marina. We headed to Kona Kai resort where Pauly flawlessly backed the boat into her new home. Waiting for us on the dock was Don and Gayle from Permanently Temporary who we meet back in Catalina. After getting settled at the dock, we headed to Perm Temp for some fabulous Asian Chicken salad. Soon the sun set and we all jumped in the Dinghies and headed to Humphrey's where Crosby, Stills, and Nash were playing. We singed through all of the fairways and moved up as close as we could. What a cluster-fuck mess of sailboats, power boats, dinghies, SUPs, kayaks, canoes all hanging out outside Humphrey's restaurant to see CSN for free. The only disadvantage to being where we were at is that you could not get out of your boat so if you had to pee you were pretty much screwed. Although Rigo somehow figure out a way. (I won't go into details here)

What a day! What we thought would be a lazy Sunday afternoon with a BBQ turned out to be yet another adventure in the sea of Fuzettos.

26 Sep

Airplanes, buildings, ships, fires, fireworks, trains, archoring community, Navy, Coast Guard

Published by Deborah

San Diego is so urban. I personally love it but I cannot wait to get away from it. For the first week or so almost every night we have been welcomed into San Diego with fireworks. 

We have only been here a week but it has already become our home. Both boats are making water once again. Both Destiny and Heavy Metal have somw new stuff in place and getting ready for our next passage.

We have an awesome view of downton San Diego.  We are right in front of the Coast Gaurd and the airport so it can be noisy at times but it is fun to watch the big planes come in for a landing and the Coast Guard helicoptors are also frequently leaving and arriving.

The downtown area is a mecca for tourism.  Tons of big ships.  Some leave the dock some don't.   We have frequently visited the business district which has everything from groceries, banks, wifi access and transporation (trains, trolley, buses etc...)

23 Sep

Sunny San Diego!!

Published by Deborah

It Sunday morning as I sit here in the hammock in San Diego Harbor. The weather is perfect. Blue sky with a light breeze. The water maker is making water.  SD is such a great place to visit. I've been here many times when I lived in seattle. The gas lamp district is hoping with all kinds of restaurants, shops, bars and all kinds of people. 

18 Sep

Santa Catalina Island

Published by Deborah

Humid, muggy air best describes the weather we have been having the past week. I'm not really complaining because it is better than freezing temperatures and we are in a beautiful place. This island experience was much different than Santa Cruz island. Much more convenient and it was easy to get to land. Although I kind of liked being on the boat in the Channel Islands, it was nice to get off the boat and go hiking.  The kids brought their bikes to land several times where they could ride around the whole area without much concern. There is a park close by and lots of kids running around.
Rigo and I spent time at the one restaurant and bought beer from the one store and took advantage of the free Internet access. The last few days we were on the island there seemed to be some issues with the Internet access. My mifi even had some issues that I can't really explain. Luckily It happened mostly on the weekend so I was still able to be productive coding.

10 Sep

Catalina Island - Cat Harbor

Published by Deborah

We've been anchored in Catalina Harbor (aka Cat Harbor) since Thursday. The anchorage is a little deeper than we are used to but Heavy Metal seems to be stable even with a 5:1 scope which is better than Destiny's 2:1 scope. Our navigation computer is having some troubles right now so we haven't  had our anchorage monitored the whole time.

Cat Harbor is on the opposite side of Twin Harbors but it is a short walk to the other side. This side seems to have more of an afternoon breeze which is pleasant. The water is getting warmer and the water is clearer and more blue. I've tried a couple of times to fish but haven't caught anything yet. There are Mackerel and rock fish in the area but they haven't come to my hook yet. We may take a dinghy ride a little more out to the ocean later this week to see if we have better luck.

We have met a few more couples that we have been hanging out with - Gayle and Don, Ann and Tim, Mary and Jack, and of course Dawn and Mike.

01 Sep

Never under estimate the power of the ocean!

Published by Deborah

For the labor day weekend, we sailed over to the channel islands and set anchor just outside Santa Cruz island. This is a popular anchorage which is why we left on thursday to get a good spot. Our new friends from Destiny, Dawn and Mike came with us.  We met Dawn and Mike while anchored in Santa Barbara. They have an amazing boat and have been keeping us well stocked with ice and fresh bread. After spending just a few days with them, we all felt like we have known each other forever. These are good people. The kind of people I knew were out there and hoped to find during this adventure.

Speaking of adventure, we have had all kinds of excitement since we have been here. Dawn and mike have been teaching us about fishing. Rigo and I both caught smelt along with several caught by dawn and mike so we had 2 nights of fresh fish for dinner. The kids have yet to catch a fish and they both desperately want to catch one. I know they will have their day as long as they are patient.  The destiny crew are also dive professionals so we took the opportunity to get out the fins and snorkeling gear to check out the water around the boat. The water was pretty cloudy from the southern swells that were coming in so it wasn't very exciting but still fun to be in the water and not be freezing. The weather has been warm since we have been here but the southern swells that I mentioned have been causing a lot of rolly days and night.  The area that we are in is not usually a high surf area but apparently this weekend turned out to be the best weekend of the year to come surfing.  We are anchored about a half mile from shore so the swells are not breaking this far out but we have seen some massive swells come through. The area is mostly sailboats with a good number of a variety of power boats. People are surfing, kayaking, swimming, SUP, and all around having a good time. A few groups of people have even made it to the shore to go hiking. But when they came back from hiking the swells were pushing 6-8 feet and they couldn't get their dinghy back to there boat.  Fortunately, Dawn overheard someone talking on the radio about some people in out anchorage in distress. Normally we would not have acted but since it was so close to us we had to check it out. Rigo and mike hopped into Fate and looked for the distressed hikers. Several hours later after not returning, Dawn and I decided we better go see what is going to see if we can help. We could sort of see what was happening through the binoculars but we could not communicate with them even though they had the hand held radio. Rigo and Mike saved the day and managed to rescue all of the people on land as well as their dinghy. With a 3 bottle wine reward, we all headed back to Heavy Metal and proceeded to get quite drunk.

The next day the distressed hikers came by to thank again Rigo and mike for rescuing them.  You'd think that we would have learned something from that experience, right? Well we didn't try to take the dinghy ashore as the waves we just too steep to try to land a dinghy. But Zyon was very excited about the waves and snorkeling and watching all of the surfing. We bought a boogie board in Capitola but haven't really had a chance to use it yet. And I had been wanting to swim to shore from several anchorages that we have been at but the water and air were always too cold for me. So, Zyon and I grabbed the board and snorkeling gear and headed for the beach. Everything was fine except my fins would not stay on my feet. We watched the waves from behind us and planned our approach. There was a time were I talked to Zyon about turning back because I knew swimming against these waves were going to be harder than swimming with them. But determined as we were we headed in. The waves were big but they didn't seem too bad. I had definitely seen worse although I was never swimming in worse. When we got to the breaking point the waves just basically slammed us in. We both went tumbling through the waves and my fins, mask snorkel and my hair tie was gone! When I came up I immediately saw Zyon and sent home to shore.  I saw my fins in the wave and tried to go back. Slam again!! Not worth it.  I went to shore with Zyon. We waved down Rigo to try to get some help. Both of us were ok but my fins and everything was gone. I wasn't sure how we were going to get back. Rigo came sort of near with the dinghy and I was trying to signal him to get mike and some rope so we could get out. I am somewhat of a strong swimmer but without a board or anything to get past the break I wasn't sure what I was going to be able to do, especially with Zyon. Though he is a great swimmer for his age he still lacks the experience of the ocean, and so do I. Since I couldn't really communicate to Rigo what was going on, I decided that I need to get to him. So I took zyons fins, board and life jacket and waited for the right moment. I got over the first wave and kicked like hell to get far enough before the next one came my way. The adrenaline was pumping hard. I kicked and kicked over the monster swells and finally got to Rigo. I was exhausted! I climbed in the boat and we started to plan a way to get Zyon. We took a long rope with a buoy thinking that Rigo would swim to shore with the rope and we would pull him and Zyon out with the dinghy. We only had 300 feet and the dinghy could not get that close. So Rigo jumped out and swam to shore. Just as we were arriving we saw Zyon talking to some other surfers. Rigo joined them. One of the surfers took Zyon and Rigo tried to take the boogie board and just took on the waves head on. I was freaking out in the boat as mike and I tried to just keep Fate from flipping in one of the waves. At one point we has to motor back out going almost vertical up a wave. It was totally awesome but scary as shit! Zyon made it to the boat first then we got Rigo. All was safe! We headed back to the boat for some much needed showers. We all got beaten up but the ocean except for my dear sweet Hunter who was dry and safe on Heavy Metal the whole time. We've been trying to get him more comfortable in the water but today I was glad he stayed out.  Later that night we had a nice hot meal on destiny with popcorn and a movie. 

The moral of this story is to never under estimate the power of the ocean. It will kick the shit out of you if you let it. Respect the sea and if your gut is telling you to turn back then you probably should.  I hope the stories to come are not as scary as this one. I will definitely not compromise our safety again just for a little fun.  And for god-sake can the water stop rolling!