August 2012

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28 Aug

Anchor in Santa Barbara - rolly

Published by Deborah

Anchoring in Santa Barbara harbor is not an easy place to be. The nights are especially rolly and the ride to land is wavy. It is very wet and humid here but at least the air is warm. Driving back to the marina can sometimes be a wet ride but it is kind of refreshing. Provisioning and laundry are not very convenient either. If you stay in the marina there is laundry available but if you are at anchor it can be quite a hike. We decided to just wait. We made one trip to the Santa Cruz Market but it did not have everything we needed and it was a little pricy. I ended up taking the electric bus to the end of the line on State Street then walked a mile or so up to Ralph's. I was able to get most stuff but I was surprised to find that some things are really hard to find. For example, my fat-free Hazelnut creamer. And the wine selection was not very good. I miss some of the regular wines that I would get in the Bay Area. I'm starting to find out what I took for granted.

School seems to be starting for everyone around the country and we are starting to settle into a little bit more of a routine.  I find that everyday has to be scheduled the night before since we always seem to be on the move.

Santa Barbara is where we met our new boat buddies on Destiny, Mike and Dawn. Definately our destiny! 

24 Aug

So much wildlife in Avila Beach

Published by The Boss

Yesterday we arrived in Avila Beach. Morro Bay was a great place to anchor but it was time to move a little more south. It is a little more sunny here and a tad bit warmer. There is an incredible amount of wildlife here. Whales galore! The area is a feeding ground for many fish in the area. Lots of dolphins, whales, sea otters and an endless amount of birds. Every time I look at the water there is something jumping out out of it.

We have been very lucky to have our friend Kevin in this area as well.  It has been great to see a familiar face from Westpoint! Kevin is looking to start up his own sailing adventure in the near future.

16 Aug

Anchor in Morro Bay

Published by Deborah

Big rock at the entrance of the channel and 3 smoke stack can't miss!! Zyon and I both want to climb it but I don't think it is allowed. The area actually has 7 rocks called the Seven Sisters. We can only see two from where we are and the second one is more than a walk away.

So far so good anchoring in Morro Bay. No rolling at all. Thank god!!!! Very pleasant so far. You can only anchor between the buoy 10 and 12The weather is sometimes good here but still not warm enough for us. There is a beach area on the other side of the rock but not even Zyon has gotten in the water since we have been here. The fog comes in on a regular basis and it mists quite a bit especially in the evenings. Supplies is not easy, even ice you can find unless you go to the fish processor or you have to walk about 5 to 6 blocks up hill to Albertson supermarket for all. They have a nice little boat supplies where you can find some pumps, oil, belt and more just a couple blocks up hill with fishing and tackle kits etc.. Also you can find propane refill on the fuel dock.

The weekend was the busiest as far as the tourist go.Apparently a lot of people from the central valley come over here to escape the heat. Kind of ironic if you think about it. There are tons of restaurant and almost everyone of them has some kind of breaded fish and chips. Some really good oysters and Dockside Two (there is the original Dockside that is considered #1) and they regularly have live music. Most places are a little pricey. We found the cheapest drinks are at the Morro Bay Yacht Club. We dropped in for Friday happy hour and hope to go back for Wednesday dinner. Unfortunately there are not very many people around the club so we ended up at the other local watering holes. Otter Rock was a nice place to have a 22oz Fat Tire and listen to some live music. We also checked out the Fuel Dock on Main street. The same owner also own Legacy across the street which turned out to be more fun the night we went out. We met a very entertaining and interesting couple.

16 Aug

Monterey Municipal Marina

Published by Deborah

Monterey was a very short stop, I barely had time to write about it. We really just wanted to get a little bit closer to our next destination and everyone kept saying "What about Monterey?" Since we have been living in the bay Area for the last 10 years Monterey was not new for us. We have been to the Aquarium, beach and all of the tourist places in the area. Rigo has worked at the car shows for years. Monterey was just done for us but it was just a little closer to our next destination. (and it had great Internet access!!!)

We arrived on Sunday and docked on the H dock. The kides got a chance to try out the new skim board and body board that we bought in Capitola and we visitied the Tuesday Farmer's Market where Zyon got to try Mr. Falafel and both the kids got to experience a bird on their shouder. Unfortunately the bird that visited Zyon popped his button right off the top of his hat. After being a little anxious to get going, we departed from our slip around 8pm Wednesday evening.

The original plan was to go to San Simone and visit the Hearst Mansion but the forecast of South swells deterred us from the area altogether. We passed San Simone in 12 hours which is just about what we expected. I was a bit relieved that the waves were small and far apart but it did force us to run the engine most of the night.

For me, this was the first night passage and I stepped up and took watch for 4 hours from 10pm to a pm.  I will tell you that by 2am my eyes were all f***ed up. I think I saw ghosts on the deck.  (well not really but the starboard side was tripping me out)  The different lights fron the radar, computer, lighthouses, stars and just being tired really took a toll on what I was seeing.  Rigo was able to get some good solid sleep so when 1:50am came, Rigo was ready to go and I crashed on the floor with Hunter.  It suckes to try to sleep with the loud engine running and I keep smelling diesel and hearing every kind of sound around. 

Sometime around the near sunrise the wind picked up enough and we were far enough along to turn off the engine and just sail.  That's the way I like it!

Being on watch can definately cause some major boredom so Rigo got our new fishing pole out and sent it out the stern to see what would happen.  Birds were about the only thing that we got close to catching but it sparked some interest with Hunter and he could not wait to get out there and start chatching some fish.  We don't really have any experience with fishing som this will all be new to us.  Thank you to Frank from Queen for getting us started with our first bait and tackle.  I can't wait to learn more.

When we arrived in Morro Bay our only choice was to anchor due to some race with the yacht club.  This turned out to be a fine choice by me.  This is NOT a rolling anchorage and there seems to be plenty of depth as far as I can tell, contrary to what we have read on other blogs.  The town has plenty of restarants and surf shops but I haven't seen much for provisioniing yet. 

I'm looking forward to the week ahead.  So far Internet access seems good and we should be meeting up with a fellow Westpointer in a few days.  I'm really feeling like we have "left" now.  We are not in the Bay Area anyone that is for sure. I really miss Capitola and the new friends we met there.  I hope we see them on the ocean in the near future!


08 Aug

Capitola is a great place

Published by Deborah

We have easily fit right in here in Capitola. The first night we met a bunch of local boaters and residents. The Wharf Restaurant and the wharf itself has proven to be the place where the people hang out. Everyone is so amazingly friendly and fun. I can see why people stay here for a long time. There is live music here all go the time. Right now I am listening to some Big Band music that is playing on the beach for Twighlight concerts every Wednesday and the balcony at the wharf restaurant has music during the day on the weekends.

During the day the beach is packed with vacationers. It has been great to be able to take a break from work and kayak or dinghy over to the beach for a couple of hours. There is a nude beach very close as well. The wildlife in this area is very active and diverse. We have had dalphins playing around in the mooring as well as plenty of seals. We've seen jelly fish, stingray and an amazing feeding extravaganza with the birds from above and who knows what underneath. It was like an episode of National Geographic! There is kayaking, SUP and tons of fishing. The wharf is famous for fishing and the salmon fields are just a short boat ride away.

Unfortunately today we have had a "shitty" day, literally. The front head clogged up and it exploded all over when Rigo tried to investigate. It was a smelly mess! Ugh! We all love Rigo for taking care of the mess and fixing everything!

We have also been full on with the homeschooling. It is very difficult to keep all of the books in order. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping things organized and it seems almost impossible to do a lesson each day for each kid plus do my work and everything else that the day brings. We are trying to establish some kind of routine but it has not been easy. I imagine that once we get use to the curriculum and the books it will move much smoother.

04 Aug

Mooring at Capitola Wharf

Published by The Boss

After a brief stop at Santa Cruz Harbor to load our repaired main and fill up the water, we headed over to Capitola Wharf to pick up a mooring ball. It feels like we are very close to the boats around us. I hope for their sake we don't swing into them.

In the background we can hear the live music from the Wharf Restaurant.

I doesn't seem as rolly over here as it did in front of the Boardwalk but we'll have to see how the night goes. The sky opened up a bit and the week looks like it is going to improve.  Our immediate goal is to get rid of the cars. They are really starting to get in the way. 

The next plan is to head to Morro Bay after a quick stop in San Simone to see the Hearst Castle then quickly move on to Southern California.  We need to stat looking to replace the main before it starts to give us more trouble. Minnie's has lots of used sails but we want to find a good sail loft first.